Imvelisi Just Jack is a Knowledge Exchange and Hackathon with an intent to grow the ecosystem of young 4IR-enabled enviropreneurs and innovators. This event will connect talent and drive dialogue on the just transition challenges and opportunities using technology over a period of 72 hours to bring forth solutions.


Imvelisi Bootcamp is a 4-week online Bootcamp programme which is an opportunity for young green innovators to further develop early-stage entrepreneurship skills and competencies aiming to support the country’s green economy development as well as creating decent job opportunities for youth. 


Imvelisi offers mentorship support to enviropreneurs, immersing them with the most important phase of their startups and encouraging them to succeed.


Imvelisi Enviropreneurs will get a chance to showcase  their environmental sustainability solutions in the Eagles Ring platform to  a panel of investors and persuade them to invest money in their solutions.


Imvelisi offers innovative support system to enviropreneurs in the water and biodiversity sectors through early-stage investment. We also get to connect the enviropreneurs with enablers and investors for possible funding.

Community & Resources

We as Imvelisi provide the privilege to our enviropreneurs into an existing ecosystem where they get the opportunity to not only network with like-minded enviropreneurs but also gain access to available resources that can  empower them in their journey. 

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